Fluid Conditioning Systems

Kaydon Filtration specializes in designing and manufacturing oil and fuel filtration systems for industrial applications. Kaydon Filtration’s TURBO-TOC® KL and KLP Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems continue redefining the world of turbine oil conditioning. The 858, 929, and 989 vacuum dehydration-distillation method systems are used to remove water and particulate safely from lubricating and hydraulic oils. Kaydon Filtration FC fuel/water separation skids and systems help meet the requirements for cleaner fuel for fuel transfer locations or as an off-line fuel tank circulation/purification operating arrangement. Our general purpose KP lube oil and hydraulic oil filtration systems, in either stationary or portable configurations, can continually provide a contamination control solution by circulating and filtering oil in an oil reservoir, relieving the full burden of contamination removal from the primary inline of return line filters.

In addition to the standard product offering, our reliable filtration, coalescing, and distillation dehydration technologies, coupled with Kaydon’s engineering product and project teams, provide assurance that Kaydon equipment performs as requested and projects are completed. Kaydon Filtration offers a variety of value-added services. We regularly partner with customers to tackle specialized oil and fuel filtration challenges. Our team of engineers draws on extensive knowledge in the areas of mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering disciplines to craft engineered oil and fuel conditioning product solutions. Kaydon Filtration – Making the World Safer, Healthier & More Productive®.

Fuel Purification FC System

Fuel Purification Skid Assemblies and Systems

The Model FC systems are diesel fuel particulate filtration and water separation systems. The larger FC systems are designed for installation in high flow-rate fuel transfer lines, and the smaller FC systems are designed for fuel purification during fuel transfer operations or for circulation/purification of a diesel fuel tank. The FC systems are ruggedly designed for use in areas such as mining, marine, emergency back-up power, agriculture, construction, or anywhere diesel fuel is transferred and stored.

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HydraulicOil KP Series

Hydraulic Oil Filtration Skid Systems

The KP10 and KP30 stationary skid systems are supplied with two large filters in a double-stage arrangement, providing an extra level of fluid purity. As an option, a portability kit can be added to the KP10 and KP30 lube oil and hydraulic oil filtration systems.

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Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems

TURBO-TOC® KL series turbine oil conditioning systems are used as off-line systems to condition turbine oil in a turbine oil reservoir. These systems can be utilized on reservoirs on steam turbines, combustion (gas) turbines, and hydroelectric turbines. The smaller and portable KLP turbine oil conditioning system uses the same technology as the larger KL series and is designed for oil conditioning for smaller oil reservoirs.

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Vaccum Dehydration MiniVac

Vacuum Dehydration Systems for Industrial Oils

Model 858, 929, and 989 vacuum dehydration-distillation method systems remove water and particulate from industrial oils. These systems are excellent oil purification solutions for high viscosity oils and poor water shedding oils. These vacuum dehydration-distillation method systems are continuous duty, off-line (kidney-loop) oil purification systems for industrial oil reservoirs used in paper mills, steel mills, mining, refineries, and power generation.

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VarnishRemoval KPV 10

Varnish Removal Systems for Turbine Lubrication

Varnish is the hidden enemy of turbine oil lube systems. A continuous functioning varnish removal system is necessary to dislodge varnish build-up and block future attacks. The Kaydon Filtration Model KPV-10 Varnish Removal system provides varnish stripping to the extent that varnish-related issues such as sticking valves, oil flow restrictions, reduction in heat exchanger efficiency, accelerated rotating component wear, and oil degradation will no longer be a detriment to the turbine lubrication system.

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