At Kaydon Filtration, we understand that most refineries operate at 90% capacity. Downtime is costly and contaminated turbine lube oil in rotating equipment increases the possibility of downtime. 

Since most compressor string/train lube oil reservoirs are dual purpose, serving the turbine and compressor, contaminated lube oil can cause damage to bearing surfaces of both pieces of rotating equipment. The Kaydon Filtration TURBO-TOC® turbine oil conditioning system, rated for explosion-proof environments, is the solution to contaminated turbine lube oil. 

As an example, a large refinery on the U.S. west coast uses 20 Kaydon TURBO-TOC® systems for turbine oil conditioning for its rotating equipment. They discovered that removing particle contamination and water quickly with an easy-to-install and easy-to-operate system made turbine oil conditioning work orders easier to fulfill, and greatly increased rotating equipment reliability.

The KL-XP turbine oil conditioning systems can be used for any turbine oil used for the turbine-compressor strings and trains in a refinery. Use the chart below for a selection. 

KL-XP Turbo-TOC® Turbine Lube Oil Conditioner Selection Guideline 

(for ISO 32 and 46 turbine oils)

Reservoir Size (gallons / liters) Turbo-TOC® System Recommendation(1)
25 – 300 / 95 – 1,140KL1-XP-AWD
301 – 600 / 1,141 – 2,275KL5S2-003
601 – 1,200 / 2,276 – 4,545KL10S2-009
1,201 – 3,600 / 4,546 – 13,630KL30S2-007
> 3,601 / > 13,631Contact Kaydon

(1) 460 VAC / 3 PH / 60 Hz Service.  Contact Kaydon for other voltages.

Benefits of using Kaydon KL-XP Turbo-TOC® turbine lube oil conditioners are:

  1. Quick installation
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Maximizes production uptime
  4. Helps meet bearing life expectancy
  5. Reduces maintenance outage time by getting oil ready quickly
  6. Reduces environmental oil disposal costs  

858-XP Vacuum Distillation Dehydration Oil Purifiers

The 858 series is a multi-oil viscosity and oil-type purification system.  The 858 systems can be used in several different lube oil purification applications in a refinery.  In addition, the 858 vacuum distillation dehydration oil purifiers offer a product solution for turbine lube oil contamination.  When used as a dedicated system on a single turbine-compressor turbine lube oil reservoir, the 858 systems can keep turbine lube oil clean and exceptionally dry.

858 Vacuum Distillation Dehydration Oil Purifiers Selection Guideline

(For ISO 32, 46, and 68 turbine oils, plus other lube oils up to ISO 460)

Reservoir Size (gallons / liters)858 System Recommendation (1)
100 – 600 / 380 – 2,270858-300XP-460
601 – 1,200 / 2,271 – 4,545858-600-XP-V-460
1,201 – 2,400 / 4,546 – 9,100858-1200-XP-V-460

(1) 460 VAC / 3 PH / 60 Hz Service.  Contact Kaydon for other voltages.

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