Kaydon Filtration produces a broad range of products to meet the specified requirements of our clients for fuel purification, oil conditioning and filtration needs. Our products and systems are engineered to remove harmful contamination from lube oil used in power generation, mining and industrial endeavors, including petrochemicals, refineries, steel/aluminum mills and paper mills. With more than 70% of all hydraulic component failures attributed to oil particulate contamination, our goal is to provide the products and systems you need to minimize downtime and extend the life of your equipment.

To learn more about the full portfolio of Kaydon Filtration products, detailed information may be found at the following links:

turbo toc


For more than 75 years, Kaydon Filtration has been an expert at providing state-of-the-art filtration technology for lube oil, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, and other hydrocarbon fluids. The multi-layered design of our filter elements delivers exceptional particle retention and extended element life. Our filtration, coalescer, and water-absorbing elements are designed to help meet the expected […]

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Flow Indicators

At Kaydon Filtration, we are committed to bringing exceptional value to our customers, even in the simplest of solutions. Kaydon leads the industry when it comes to ensuring troublefree operation and protecting our customers’ investments. Pressure and gravity oilers offer fundamental control mechanisms to maintain proper lubrication for your equipment – lubrication that reduces friction, […]

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Fluid Conditioning Systems

Kaydon Filtration specializes in designing and manufacturing oil and fuel filtration systems for industrial applications. Kaydon Filtration’s TURBO-TOC® KL and KLP Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems continue redefining the world of turbine oil conditioning. The 858, 929, and 989 vacuum dehydration-distillation method systems are used to remove water and particulate safely from lubricating and hydraulic oils. […]

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Particulate and Coalescing Filtration

Kaydon designs and manufactures oil and fuel filtration vessels applicable for almost any lowpressure hydrocarbon filtration application. The Model 980 and 981 are durable and robust inline pressure or return line (1,200 psig maximum) filter assemblies used for oil and fuel filtration applications. The Model 980/981 vessels are suitable for use with hydraulic systems used […]

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