Pulp and Paper

Kaydon Filtration has experience providing solutions for the pulp and paper manufacturing industry that extend the lifespan and enhance the function of paper machines and hydraulic equipment. The pulp and paper manufacturing process can be particularly taxing on lube and hydraulic oils. The high levels of moisture, heat, and dirt inherent in the paper manufacturing process, make water and particulate contamination in oils an ongoing occurrence. Kaydon Filtration provides a solution for oil contamination control, shielding your pulp and paper-making operation from the effects of oil contamination with oil conditioning and purification systems. 

In lube systems, solid particles can cause bearing surface wear, lowering expected bearing life.  In addition, water contamination in bearing housings can be an even greater contributor to reducing bearing life.  Hydraulic system pumps, valves, and cylinders are all affected negatively with particulate and water contamination. The aftereffects of contamination in lube and hydraulic systems can be severe, resulting in costly, disruptive downtime and unscheduled maintenance activities.

Oil Contamination Control Guidelines

Application Typical Oil TypeRecommendation
Paper Machine Lube Oil TanksISO 220 – 460 paper machine oil858 Vacuum Distillation Dehydration Oil Conditioning Systems
Hydraulic Power Unit Oil ReservoirsISO 32 – 100 mineral base hydraulic oil Part Number 858-300STD460
 Turbine Driven Pump and and Fan Oil ReservoirsISO 32 – 68 turbine oil Part Number KLP-3-120-AWD
Powerhouse Turbine Lube Oil ReservoirsISO 32 – 46 turbine oilPart Number KL10S2-004

Benefits of using Kaydon Filtration equipment for lube oil and hydraulic oil in a pulp and paper making complex:

  1. Keeping your equipment operational
  2. Protecting expensive and difficult-to-replace rotating components from premature failure
  3. Keeping maintenance schedules intact and more predictable
  4. Helping reduce maintenance and replacement parts costs for lube systems and hydraulic power units
  5. Supporting the expected lifespan of increasingly expensive lubricants
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