Kaydon Filtration understands the special needs of paper manufacturers, and offers a complete selection of lube oil conditioning systems that can help protect every piece of your vital equipment. Particles and water can easily contaminate lube oils in paper machines. When contaminated, bearing friction increases and bearing surface wear multiplies. Contaminated paper machine oil is less efficient at reducing friction between bearing metal surfaces, causing heat buildup. Contamination will infiltrate and affect all bearing lube points on a paper machine. When contaminated oil moves through a paper machine circulating lube oil system, the contamination presents a threat to lube system components and functionality.

Kaydon Filtration provides solutions to oil contamination in paper machine lube systems with Kaydon Filtration 858 Vacuum Distillation Dehydration Oil Conditioning Systems. This selection guideline table shows 858 system recommendations for your paper machine lube oil contamination control application. 

ApplicationTypical Oil TypeRecommendation(1)
Paper Machine Lube Oil Tanks 
(up to 600 gallons)
Up to ISO 220 
paper machine oil
Paper Machine Lube Oil Tanks 
(up to 1,200 gallons)
ISO 150 – ISO 460 
paper machine oil
Paper Machine Lube Oil Tanks 
(up to 2,400 gallons)
ISO 150 – ISO 460 
paper machine lube oil
Paper Machine Lube Oil Tanks 
(up to 3,600 gallons)
 ISO 150 – 460 
paper machine lube oil

(1) 460 VAC / 3 PH / 60 Hz Service.  Contact Kaydon for other operating voltages

858 System Benefits:

  1. Keeps paper machines online and operating predictably  
  2. Avoids unplanned maintenance activities
  3. Protects vital bearing lube points from excessive wear
  4. Helps bearings meet their expected bearing life
  5. Extends the lifespan and enhances the functionality of a paper machine 

In addition to the 858 systems, Kaydon also offers replacement filtration elements for most paper machine circulating lube oil system filtration vessels.  Whether it is a standard 6” x 36” flat gasket element or traditional 6” x 39” filtration elements, Kaydon has the right selection for your paper machine circulating lube oil filtration vessels.   Below is a short list of replacement elements.

Paper Machine Lube Oil Filtration ElementKaydonPaper Machine Lube Oil Filtration Element
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