Hydroelectric Turbines

With more than 75 years of experience in turbine oil conditioning and coalescing technology, Kaydon Filtration has the experience you need to overcome water contamination challenges in your lubricating oils in hydroelectric turbines. Hydroelectric power generation is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to supply electricity to your industrial and residential customers.  Since flowing water is used to turn generator turbines, hydroelectric generation is a leading form of green technology. It produces few harmful byproducts and is completely free from dependence on fossil fuels. However, condensation is a common factor in the power generation process, which can result in water infiltration into turbine oil reservoirs, causing an ongoing challenge for hydroelectric power generators.

Failures of the wicket gate mechanism, turbine governor, and turbine bearings are among the top 25 causes of forced outages1 within a hydroelectric facility. Through improved oil conditioning these failures can be significantly reduced.

Most hydroelectric power plants are outfitted with the following types of equipment that Kaydon Filtration product solutions can help to protect:

EquipmentKaydon Solution
Turbine Governor Lube OilKP Oil Filtration Systems
Spherical Valve Lube OilKP Oil Filtration Systems
Turbine Guide and Thrust BearingsTurbo-TOC® Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems

All of these systems rely on clean lubricating oil to operate.  Removing water and particulate contamination from your lubrication system with a Kaydon Filtration TURBO-TOC© oil conditioning system can:

  • Reduce hydraulic and lube oil component failures
  • Maintain oil quality during turbine operation
  • Prevent unnecessary maintenance work related to contaminated oil
  • Help meet the expected lube oil lifespan

 KP System Sizing Guidelines for Hydroelectric Turbine Governor and Spherical Valve Oil Reservoirs 

Reservoir Size (gallons / liters)KP System Recommendation
100 – 1,200 / 95 – 4,545KP10
1,201 – 3,600 / 4,546 – 13,630KP30
> 3,600 / > 13,630Contact Kaydon

Turbo-TOC® Sizing Guidelines for Hydroelectric Turbines

Reservoir Size (gallons / liters)Turbo-TOC® System Recommendation
25 – 300 / 95 – 1,140KL1
301 – 600 / 1,141 – 2,275KL5S2
601 – 1,200 / 2,276 – 4,545KL10S2
1,201 – 3,600 / 4,546 – 13,630KL30S2
3,601 – 7,200 / 13,631 – 27,255KL60S2
7,201 – 12,000 / 27,256 – 45,425KL100S3
> 12,000 / 45,425Contact Kaydon
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