Rotating component wear is a common concern in the petrochemical industry. With decades of expertise in reducing this type of wear, Kaydon Filtration offers solutions to keep your equipment in top condition, avoiding production disruptions and unexpected breakdowns.

Turbo machinery and rotating equipment, such as turbine-driven gas/refrigerant compressor trains, turbine-driven generator packages, fans, pumps, agitators, gearboxes, extruders and material handling systems, are subject to rotating component surface wear, abrasion, and deterioration. Rotating component wear results in accelerated aging of rotating components. In addition, rotating equipment engineers and maintenance teams are responsible for thousands of pieces of rotating equipment and, with limited budgets and time, prioritizing work orders becomes challenging.

Kaydon Filtration 858 vacuum distillation dehydration oil purifiers and KL TURBO-TOC® turbine lube oil conditioners help keep turbo machinery turbine lube oil in petrochemical plants clean and dry. Potential problems associated with contaminated turbine lube oil are reduced when Kaydon purification and conditioning equipment is employed to remove particulate and water from turbine lube oil. This saves time and eliminates tasks for rotating equipment engineers and maintenance teams who have fewer oil-related contamination issues to address.

The benefits of ongoing and continuous oil purification and conditioning include:

  1. Increased rotating equipment reliability
  2. Reduction of production disruptions 
  3. Helping accomplish rotating equipment project targets

KL Turbo-TOC® Turbine Lube Oil Conditioner Selection Guideline 
(for ISO 32 and 46 turbine oils)

Reservoir Size (gallons / liters)Turbo-TOC® System Recommendation(1)
25 – 300 / 95 – 1,140KL1-XP-AWD
301 – 600 / 1,141 – 2,275KL5S2-003
601 – 1,200 / 2,276 – 4,545KL10S2-009
1,201 – 3,600 / 4,546 – 13,630KL30S2-007
> 3,601 / > 13,631Contact Kaydon

(1) 460 VAC / 3 PH / 60 Hz Service.  Contact Kaydon for other voltages.

858-XP Vacuum Distillation Dehydration Oil Purifiers Selection Guideline 

(For ISO 32, 46, and 68 turbine oils, plus other lube oils up to ISO 460)

Reservoir Size (gallons / liters)858-XP System Recommendation(1)
100 – 600 / 380 – 2,270858-300XP460
601 – 1,200 / 2,271 – 4,545858-600-XP-V-460
1,201 – 2,400 / 4,546 – 9,100858-1200-XP-V-460

(1) 460 VAC / 3 PH / 60 Hz Service.  Contact Kaydon for other voltages.

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