Turbine Oil Conditioning

Turbine Oil Conditioning Applications

The goal of any plant engineer responsible for the operation of a turbine is to maintain peak operational efficiency. The condition of the turbine oil should meet the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations at a minimum, but exceeding these recommendations is a best practice. Damage to the overall system due to particulate or water contamination can lead to lost efficiency and costly repairs.

Proper oil conditioning must accomplish two things:

  • Keeping particulate to a certain / specific (ISO) cleanliness level
  • Maintaining adequate “dryness” of the turbine oil

The elimination of water, particulate, varnish, and other harmful contaminates from lubricating oils and fluids is Kaydon Filtration’s area of expertise. Kaydon Filtration offers proven equipment for economical and practical turbine oil conditioning solutions to remove particulate and water. Our TURBO-TOC turbine oil conditioning systems and vacuum dehydration systems are two proven solutions for protecting your equipment investment and extending the service life of your turbines.