Lube Oil Filtration

Lubrication Oil Filtration

Lubricant oils are used for protecting gears, bearings and other moving components in power generation turbines and other elements of industrial equipment. The oil reduces friction, which helps to control heat that can originate with friction between moving parts. Reducing friction and minimizing associated heat contributes to longer life for moving components.

Oil Cleanliness

Proper oil cleanliness techniques are important for optimizing equipment and lubricant life. Particulate contamination significantly reduces the life of bearings and gears. Even if the oil is clean initially, contamination can occur during operation. Frequent testing of the condition of your oil and proper filtration is necessary to keep your equipment operating at its maximum effectiveness. Kaydon offers a broad range of oil purification solutions designed to eliminate contaminants from lubrication systems.

Dry Oil

Water is the one of the most destructive contaminants in lubricating oil. Water can cause the loss of film strength in lubricating oils, which often results in premature wear on bearings and gears. Water contamination can also change the properties oil, which leads to varnish, sludge and other damaging oil conditions that can reduce the overall life of your equipment. In addition, water can encourage aeration problems, such as foaming and air entrainment. Kaydon offers a number of solutions that utilize vacuum dehydration or coalescing techniques to remove water from lubricant oils.


Kaydon Filtration is aware of the demand for meeting oil performance and cleanliness requirements. Our decades of experience position us to respond to each of our customer’s specific needs. We work with each customer individually and develop custom solutions that address your objectives, while creating a safer, healthier and more productive world.

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