Diesel Fuel Purification

Diesel Fuel Purification Applications

The risk of contamination plagues diesel fuel from the refinery to the point of use. Proper filtration and purification of bulk diesel fuel must encompass both solid contaminants and water removal. Kaydon Filtration’s diesel fuel purification solutions are designed to provide the needed level of fuel cleanliness for today’s high-performance diesel equipment.

Fuel can become contaminated with dust, grit, rust and water. Diesel fuel is corrosive and can enhance the rusting process. Sand, dust and water can enter storage tanks through unprotected vents and gaps. These contaminants can clog fuel injectors as well as cause wear and tear on the diesel fuel supply equipment and holding tanks.

Prevention is the best way to protect diesel fuel from contaminants – but even the best systems still require additional help. Kaydon Filtration offers a host of solutions for your fuel polishing and filtration needs.

Model 851E Series Diesel Fuel/Water Separator Vessels

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What are the most common problems with back-up diesel generators?

  1. Fuel contamination (water, sediment, microbiological growth)
  2. Lack of Fuel Maintenance (poor storage, insufficient filtration, infrequent fuel testing)
  3. Improper Maintenance and Insufficient Testing
  4. Overloading and Insufficient Capacity
  5. Battery and starting system problems
  6. Fuel System Issues (blockages, leaks, fuel pump failure injector failure, etc.)
  7. Cooling System Failures
  8. Lubrication System Problems
  9. Electrical System Failures
  10. Lack of Maintenance Planning (Neglect of fuel purification system)
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