For more than 75 years, Kaydon Filtration has been an expert at providing state-of-the-art filtration technology for lube oil, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, and other hydrocarbon fluids. The multi-layered design of our filter elements delivers exceptional particle retention and extended element life. Our filtration, coalescer, and water-absorbing elements are designed to help meet the expected fuel life while combining performance and cost-effectiveness.


Combustion Turbine Air Intake Filters

Drop Safe® air intake filters from Filtration Group keeps air pollutants, both particles and water, from entering the turbine air inlet. As a result of DropSafe, the cleaner air increases turbine output and reliability. Inserting DropSafe also maintains scheduled service periods, preventing a forced outage.

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Diesel Fuel Coalescing and Separator Elements

Model CI-3520  and CI-35XXP Series Fuel Coalescer Elements The Kaydon Filtration CI Series Coalescer Elements are used for water separation and filtration of diesel fuel #1 and #2.  The CI coalescer elements, coupled with a Kaydon Filtration separator element, provide a high degree of water removal and particle filtration. The CI coalescer elements offer a […]

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Natural Gas Elements

Natural gas coalescing elements prevent harmful aerosol contaminates from entering the turbine combustion chamber. This maintains a clean burn of the fuel, which keeps turbine combustion chamber components functioning and turbine blades free of corrosion.

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Particulate and Water-Absorbing Elements

KAYMAX® Series Fuel and Oil Filter Elements KAYMAX fuel and oil filter elements are used for critical industrial oil and fuel applications. KAYMAX elements are designed and constructed with specially formulated, multi-layer micro-fiberglass fibers for exceptional particle retention and extended element life.  KAYMAX filter elements maintain pleat integrity under high flow and high viscosity conditions […]

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Spin-On Elements

KAYMAX® 7500 Series High-Efficiency Spin-on Elements Kaydon Filtration knows what it takes to keep your lubrication oils, hydraulic oils, and fuels clean and your critical machinery in service. Pulp and Paper, Power Generation, Mining, Oil and Gas, Heavy Equipment and Military are just a few of the critical markets we have protected. KAYMAX® High-Efficiency Filters […]

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turbo toc

Turbine Oil Conditioning Elements

TURBO-TOC® Series Elements TURBO-TOC® turbine oil conditioning elements are used exclusively with TURBO-TOC Turbine Oil Conditioning systems. They are designed and constructed to produce exceptionally clean and dry turbine oil. Used with the TURBO-TOC system, the combination of Kaydon’s filtration, coalescer, and separator elements provide unmatched particle removal and unsurpassed water removal. The TURBO-TOC prefilter […]

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