Fuel Purification Skid Assemblies and Systems

Fuel Purification FC System

One-Pass Diesel Fuel Purification Systems

Kaydon FC Systems offer the capability to handle substantially higher flow rates than traditional fuel/water separators in the same size assembly.

Contamination begins from the moment diesel fuel #2 leaves the refinery and begins its journey to it’s destination.  Dirt, water, and other debris finds its way into the fuel as it is transported and stored. If unchecked, contamination can lead to excessive wear, down-time, or even damage to expensive, diesel powered equipment. Today’s modern diesel engines require clean and dry fuel to run smoothly and reliably. High-pressure injectors and close tolerance components leave little toleration for contaminated fuels. The Kaydon Filtration fuel purification One-Pass™ Fuel Conditioning, (FC), systems give assurance that #2 diesel fuels, including those with additive packages and blended biodiesel up to B20, are clean, water-free, and exceed the latest ASTM D975 Diesel Fuel #2 Specification.