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3 GPM; 460V three phase 

Filtration Group's Hydraulics portable TURBO-TOC® turbine oil conditioning systems support long-term turbine operation and significantly reduce the probability of oil related turbine failures or unscheduled maintenance due to contaminated turbine oil.  A major factor in turbine oil reliability is the control and removal of undesired particulate and water.  When contamination invades turbine oil, protection of the turbine bearing and journal surfaces are placed at risk and turbine performance is jeopardized.

The KLP TURBO-TOC turbine oil conditioning system's portability provides as needed oil conditioning for a selected oil reservoir during equipment uptime, and adds additional benefit during shutdown by quickly preparing the turbine oil for equipment start-up. After the system has removed the water from the turbine oil, it will accumulate in the coalescer vessel. When it has accumulated to a preset level, the automatic water drain will discharge the water from the system.

The KLP series is equipped with a prefilter vessel containing a pleated, multi-layered micro-fiberglass filter for ultrafine particle removal and long element life. Particulate filtration is rated at Beta (5.1)=1000.
The KLP Series uses the same filter media and technology as the proven KL Series TURBO-TOC Turbine Oil Conditioners and is capable of meeting ISO Cleanliness Code 15/13/11. The KLP Series may be installed on a single reservoir or moved between multiple turbine oil reservoirs.


  • Portability allows the system to be shared between multiple turbine oil reservoirs
  • Contributes to dependable turbine operations and helps reduce turbine rotating component failures 
  • Differential Pressure Gauge designed to monitor restriction of flow caused by contaminants and indicates remaining coalescer and separator element life
  • Sample port included to take bottle samples for oil quality analysis
  • Automatic air valve release allows for removal of trapped air
  • Sight glass for visual inspection of the accumulated water separated from turbine oil
  • Automatic water drain removes separated water


Available Flow Rates 3 gpm 
Sizing up to 600 gallons 
System Pressure (maximum) 100 psig (7 bar)
Environmental Parameters Minimum Ambient Temperature: 32 F ( 0 C)
Maximum Ambient temperature: 104 F (40 C)
Operating Voltage 3 gpm; 460 VAC / 3 PH / 60 Hz / 1.1 amps
Materials of Construction Metals: Carbon Steel
Elastomers: Buna-N
Paint: Epoxy, Color: Kaydon Blue
Pressure Vessel Material Carbon Steel
Inlet/Outlet Connections Type: NPT
Inlet: 3/4 inch (19.05 mm)
Outlet: 1/2 inch (12.7 mm)
Pump/Motor Assembly Pump Type: gear - positive displacement
3 gpm: 1/2 HP 
Fluid Compatibility ISO 32, ISO 46, and ISO 68 mineral base
turbine oil
Filter Stages 1st Stage: 30 mesh Pump Protection Strainer
2nd Stage: Particulate Removal
3rd Stage: Water Removal
Performance Particulate: ISO Cleanliness Code 15/13/111
Water: removal to less than 100 ppm
Weight (approximately) 400 lbs 
Dimensions (inches) 42.5 L x 27 W x 44 H

Ordering Information

Part Number: KLP-3-460
K = Kaydon
L = Lube Oil (turbine type ISO 32, 46, and 68)
P = Portable
3 = 3 gpm 
460 = 460V three phase

Consumable Spare Parts
C220270  Coalescer Element (Qty. Req'd. = 2)
C220271  Separator Element (Qty Req'd = 1) 
A629022   Filter Vessel Seal3
KMP9600AKF8B   Prefilter

1. As measured with in-line automatic particle monitor calibrated to ISO 11171 and influent no greater than ISO 22/19/17
2. Total Water content (free, emulsified and dissolved) as measured by ASTM D6304-04 (Karl Fischer method)
3. Required for element change