Particulate and Water-Absorbing Elements


KAYMAX® Series Fuel and Oil Filter Elements

KAYMAX fuel and oil filter elements are used for critical industrial oil and fuel applications. KAYMAX elements are designed and constructed with specially formulated, multi-layer micro-fiberglass fibers for exceptional particle retention and extended element life.  KAYMAX filter elements maintain pleat integrity under high flow and high viscosity conditions providing exceptional particle removal efficiency that meets or surpasses the stated micron ratings. 

Factors such as element life, oil cleanliness levels, equipment reliability, and reduction of oil-related failures all contribute to credible savings and productivity. KAYMAX filter elements provide an effective Life-Cycle Costing1 that offers an effective solution for fuel and oil filtration applications where high performance is not only desired, but required.


KF Series Fuel and Oil Filter Elements

The KAYFLOTM Model KF filter elements are used for general purpose industrial oil and fuel applications. These elements are designed and constructed with specially formulated, resin-impregnated cellulose/synthetic pleated media. The KF elements provide excellent filtration efficiency and long element life. The KF elements offer a capable solution for oil and fuel filtration applications where performance combined with cost effectiveness is desired.

The KF elements utilize a combination of cellulose (paper) and synthetic fibers filter media to create consistent pore sizes and achieve a reliable micron rating, which allows for a more efficient filtration media than the inconsistent and random pore sizes associated with cellulose media alone. Cellulose media elements have larger diameter fibers which correlate to less porosity or space for the media to trap particles.  The addition of the fibers to the cellulose media in the KF elements creates more porosity, thus creating more open spaces to hold particles and a higher dirt-holding capacity than cellulose media elements. 


KB Series Fuel and Oil Filter Elements

The Model KB filter elements are designed to offer a solution for oil and fuel filtration applications when budget/cost factors are a consideration.  They offer a 50% efficiency and are used for general purpose industrial oil and fuel applications. These elements are designed and constructed with specially formulated, resin-impregnated cellulose pleated media. The KB elements provide dependable particle retention and satisfactory element life.


KAYDRI® Water-Absorbing Fuel and Oil Filter Elements

KAYDRI water removal filter elements are designed with quick-dry water absorptive technology to remove water by using absorption from lube oil, hydraulic oil and diesel fuel. KAYDRI elements offer an effective solution for removing trace amounts of water from industrial oils and diesel fuel, when a coalescing system, vacuum dehydration systems, or centrifugation equipment is not practical.

The KAYDRI elements are designed for a longer element life due to a high water holding capacity where the water is absorbed by the element but not released.  The KQD6018-5 holds 0.5 gallons of water and the KQD6036-5 holds one gallon of water.  The KAYDRI elements offer consistent water removal efficiency of 80% throughout the life of the element.  In addition to water removal, the KAYDRI elements offer 5-micron particulate filtration.


PulseShieldTM Hydraulic Fluid Filters

Our new generation of fluid filter elements with PulseShield compression sleeves brings together several innovations. The engineered construction combines our Premium Select fiberglass media with the patented PulseShield compression sleeve to yield best-in-class filtration results. The Premium Select filter media has been supplied to customers worldwide for many years and offers superior performance.

The PulseShield compression sleeve, combined with up to three Premium Select fiberglass layers, increases the dirt-holding capacity by as much as 30% in comparison to conventional filter elements. At the same time, the lower differential pressure results in significantly reduced energy consumption.


PulseshieldTM Hydraulic Fluid Filters with e-protect Technology

The FGC e-protect filter element made by Filtration Group, has been designed for use with low conductive hydraulic and lubricating oils (e.g. turbine lubricating oil in power plant technology). The filter element is distinguished by reliable conductivity, which has been registered for patent approval, as well as an element design that is optimized to suit electrostatic properties. The special element design prevents damage in the filter layers caused by electrostatic discharge.