Portable Cart Systems


KLP Series Portable TURBO-TOC® Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems

TURBO-TOC® turbine oil conditioning systems support long-term turbine operation and significantly reduce the probability of failures or unscheduled maintenance due to contaminated turbine oil.  A major factor in turbine oil reliability is the control and removal of undesired particulate and water.  When contamination invades turbine oil, protection of the turbine bearing and journal surfaces are placed at risk and turbine performance is jeopardized. 

The KLP TURBO-TOC turbine oil conditioning system’s portability provides as-needed oil conditioning for a selected oil reservoir during equipment uptime, and adds additional benefit during shutdown by quickly preparing the turbine oil for equipment start-up. After the system has removed the water from the turbine oil, it will accumulate in the coalescer vessel.  When it has accumulated to a preset level, the automatic water drain will discharge the water from the system.

The KLP series is equipped with a prefilter vessel containing a pleated, multi-layered micro-fiberglass filter for ultra-fine particle removal and long element life.  Particulate filtration is rated at Beta (5.1)=1000 per ISO 16889. An installation kit including one suction hose (10’), discharge hose (10’), and power cable (15’) is provided with each KLP system.

The KLP Series uses the same filter media and technology as the proven KL Series TURBO-TOC Turbine Oil Conditioners and is capable of meeting ISO Cleanliness Code 15/13/11.   The KLP Series may be installed on a single reservoir or moved between multiple turbine oil reservoirs.


KHF-FC-3, 5 and 10 Portable Oil Filtration Carts

For use in smaller capacity batch oil filtration processing of turbine oil, hydraulic oil, and gear oil reservoirs, Filtration Group’s Kaydon KHF-FC series is an alternative portable filter cart for oil reservoirs ranging from 50 to 300 gallons capacity.  The KHF-FC series of portable oil filtration carts are designed to reduce system wear due to contaminated oil, reduce oil disposal costs, improve equipment reliability by reducing oil contamination and extend oil life.  When the KHF-FC series are used at regular intervals oil cleanliness levels are maintained.

The ergonomically balanced, two-wheeled portable cart is easily maneuvered and positioned in and out of place by the pull handle. The KHF-FC series is designed to be user friendly with a simple ON/OFF operation switch and color coded gauges for determining remaining filter element life. Weighing approximately 150 pounds, each cart is equipped with two spin-on Kaydon Filtration elements, mounted in series flow and connected to a ten foot clear braided suction hose and ten foot clear braided discharge hose. The KHF-FC carts measure 24” L x 24” W x 48” H allowing for convenient storage when not in use.

The KHF-FC series can be custom configured with 1, 3, 6, 12, or 25 micron elements rated to Beta=200 as well as water absorptive elements.


KP6 Series Portable Oil Filtration Carts

Equipment protection from contaminated oil is a must in every industry. Filtration Group’s Kaydon Filtration understands that downtime and equipment failure are the ultimate enemy in any profitable business. Kaydon Filtration has developed application-specific filtration technologies to provide reliable, effective, long-term equipment protection against contaminated oil. Portable filtration systems from Kaydon Filtration are designed rugged and compact while providing versatility and mobility in oil filtration.

The KP618-5, KP636-5, and KP636-10 portable oil filtration systems significantly reduce the probability of oi-related mechanical failures, equipment unavailability, and unscheduled maintenance costs due to contaminated oil.  The portable hand-truck style KP6 series offers a high-capacity offline filtration system for use with petroleum-based fluid reservoirs up to 600 gallons. Kaydon Filtration KAYMAX® filtration elements are offered for particulate removal, and if water removal is desired, a KQD KAYDRI® element is available.

The KP6 series is available in a variety of voltage options as well as explosion-proof and customized flow rates.


KP-2-2AL and KP-5-2AL Series Portable Oil Filtration Carts

The KP-2-2AL and KP-5-2AL oil filtration systems from Filtration Group’s Kaydon Filtration provide versatility in oil filtration in a rugged, compact, portable and lightweight cart design. The design of the KP-2-2AL or KP-5-2AL provides equipment protection from contaminated oil to any oil reservoir up to 500 gallons/1,900 liters that needs cleaning by easily moving it to the specific oil reservoir. Kaydon Filtration KAYMAX® technology elements are offered for particulate removal, and if water removal is desired, the KQD KAYDRI® water absorbing element is available.

The KP-2-2AL and KP-5-2AL oil filtration systems maximize uptime and extend component life by supporting long-term equipment operation and significantly reducing the probability of oil related failures or unscheduled maintenance due to contaminated oil. The KP-2-2AL and KP-5-2AL help protect components, increase oil life, reduce mechanical failures, equipment unavailability, and maintenance costs due to contaminated oil.

The KP-2-2AL and KP-5-2AL carts are available as an explosion proof system, as well as in a variety of voltage options.