Coalescer/Separator Vessels


Model 851E Series Diesel Fuel/Water Separator Vessels

The Model 851E series of fuel/water separator vessels are industrial diesel fuel #1 and #2 filter vessels that utilize Kaydon Filtration coalescing technology and particulate removal capabilities. They remove damaging water and capture destructive particulates.

The 851E series has a particulate performance rating of ISO Cleanliness Code < 18/16/131  and water removal to less than 130 ppm2.The 851E series protects the fuel injection system and removes the burden of contamination control from the on-engine filters.  They offer clean fuel delivery, preventing premature replacement of components and revenue loss from equipment downtime resulting from contaminated fuel.

The 851E series of fuel/water separator vessels can be configured with a wide array of options such as an automatic water drain, automatic air release, differential pressure gauge and pressure relief valve.  Contact Kaydon technical support for more information on these available options.