Vacuum Dehydration Systems for Industrial Oils

Vaccum Dehydration MiniVac

Kaydon 858 series of vacuum dehydration oil conditioning systems keep oils free of water and particulate contamination to achieve long-term, predictable and profitable performance. Separation of water from oil by removing it in the form of water vapor, rather than removing it in the liquid state, is the principle used in Kaydon‘s distillation technology. In this way, water can be removed from oil without regard to the degree of emulsification. This technology allows for water removal in a number of liquids and applications that cannot be addressed through coalescing. Even the most stubborn, stable oil/water emulsions can be separated.

Vaccum Dehydration 929

Model 929-300 is different than other dehydration processes as it takes water from the liquid state and transforms it into water vapor so it can easily be removed. In the distillation process, as water is vaporized from oil, oily water foam forms and is drawn into the vacuum pump. As the foam is transported through the condenser by the suction of the vacuum pump, the foam coats the inside of the condenser, reducing heat transfer. In addition, the oily foam releases through the system waste water discharge, requiring further wastewater treatment. Unlike other vacuum systems that do not provide effective foam control and must be constantly monitored, Kaydon Filtration prevents the intrusion of the oily water foam with the installation of a foam control device that retards oily water foam from growing. The 929-300 Unit delivers less than 40 ppm water content with an ISO 16/14/12 cleanliness level. The 929-300 is equipped with an easy-to-understand full status control panel, a vacuum gauge on the vacuum chamber, and a differential pressure gauge on the polishing element. The 929-300 removes damaging water from lubricating oil, such as turbine oil, paper machine oil, gear oil, and hydraulic oils.oil, gear oil, and hydraulic oils. The standard 959 is air-cooled, with other options available, including an external water-cooled system