Hydraulic Oil Filtration Skid Systems

HydraulicOil KP Series

KP Series Oil Filtration Systems

The KP10-2-S-V636 and KP30-001-V636 oil filtration systems support long-term equipment operation by reducing the probability of oil-related failures or unscheduled maintenance due to contaminated oil.

A factor in industrial oil reliability is the control and removal of undesired contamination. When contamination invades oil, protection of the rotating components is placed at risk and equipment performance is jeopardized.

Kaydon Filtration manufactures oil filtration systems to remove harmful contamination from lube oil used at industrial locations, such as steam, combustion, or hydroelectric power plants, steel/aluminum mills, or paper mills. The Kaydon Filtration KP series of oil filtration systems provide continuous and persistent oil filtration service and adds additional benefit during shutdown by quickly preparing the oil for equipment start-up.

The KP10-2-S-V636 and KP30-001-V636 oil filtration systems are available with a wide array of options. Contact Kaydon Filtration technical support to discuss your specific requirements.