Turbine Oil Conditioning Elements

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TURBO-TOC® Series Elements

TURBO-TOC® turbine oil conditioning elements are used exclusively with TURBO-TOC Turbine Oil Conditioning systems. They are designed and constructed to produce exceptionally clean and dry turbine oil. Used with the TURBO-TOC system, the combination of Kaydon’s filtration, coalescer, and separator elements provide unmatched particle removal and unsurpassed water removal.

The TURBO-TOC prefilter and postfilter elements’ filtration media uses inert fibers that stay joined with special bonding agents that are not affected in lube oil. The fibers of both elements maintain a fixed pore structure throughout its filtration service life and are configured to create a high surface collection area.  The TURBO-TOC coalescer element is designed and constructed with a high surface area, multi-layered fiberglass fibers for high-efficiency water removal. The combined separator and post-filtration element provides water separation properties and final particulate filtration.