Diesel Fuel Coalescing and Separator Elements


Model CI-3520  and CI-35XXP Series Fuel Coalescer Elements

The Kaydon Filtration CI Series Coalescer Elements are used for water separation and filtration of diesel fuel #1 and #2.  The CI coalescer elements, coupled with a Kaydon Filtration separator element, provide a high degree of water removal and particle filtration.

The CI coalescer elements offer a simple and efficient solution for diesel fuel conditioning.  The CI-35XXP family of elements are a patented design utilizing multiple types of fiberglass in a pleated construction. Flow rates and efficiencies are increased over traditional fuel coalescers with the CI-3510P, 20P and 40P design.

fuel filter

Fuel Filter Element

Kaydon Filtration separator elements are used for critical fuel filtration applications. The separator elements have exceptional water removal efficiency with an inside-out flow and prevent water droplets from passing downstream.  Kaydon separator elements are designed and constructed with special hydrophobic materials to provide a barrier to water coalesced with Kaydon Filtration CI coalescer elements.   When the Kaydon separator elements are coupled with Kaydon CI coalescer elements, water concentration levels below 130 ppm (total water) are possible in diesel fuel.

Kaydon separator elements provide an effective life-cycle costing that offers a  beneficial solution for fuel applications.  Factors such as element life, fuel cleanliness levels, equipment reliability, and reduction of fuel-related failures all contribute to credible savings and productivity.