Pressure and Gravity Oilers

Kaydon leads the industry when it comes to ensuring trouble-free operation and protecting our customers’ investments. Pressure and gravity oilers offer fundamental control mechanisms to maintain proper lubrication for your equipment – lubrication that reduces friction, minimizing wear and extending the life of your equipment.

Pressure Oilers

Kaydon’s Model 902A Pressure Feed Oiler is a combination of a metering valve and flow indicator. It is used for the distribution and supply of lube oil under pressure to the points of use, such as bearings and gears. 

Model 902A-1

Model 902A-2

Model 902A-4

Model 902 A-8

Model 902A-16

Model 902A-32

Gravity Oilers

The 4B Gravity Sight Feed Oiler affords a clear view and specific control of lube oil flowing by gravity to a lubrication point. This oiler provides trouble-free service with little or no maintenance required.