Oil and Fuel Filtration Systems

Kaydon oil conditioning systems remove harmful particulate and water from turbine lube oil used at steam, combustion, and hydroelectric power plants. The technology that backs these systems is designed to maintain the quality and purity of oil and fuel to keep equipment operating more efficiently. Kaydon oil and fuel filtration systems support long-term turbine operation and significantly reduce the probability of oil-related turbine failures or unscheduled maintenance due to contaminated turbine oil.


Turbine Oil/Water Separation Equipment

The TURBO-TOC® turbine oil conditioning systems from Kaydon are used as off-line systems to condition turbine oil in a turbine oil reservoir. These systems can be utilized on turbine oil reservoirs used for steam turbines, combustion (gas) turbines, and hydroelectric turbines.





KL-XP Turbo-TOC® Turbine Lube Oil Conditioning Systems
For information about our KL-XP explosion-proof-rated turbine oil conditioning systems, please contact [email protected].


858 Vacuum Distillation Dehydration Systems

Kaydon Filtration’s Model 858 vacuum distillation dehydration systems remove water and particulate from industrial oils and are designed to meet the expected service life of lubricating fluids. These systems offer excellent oil conditioning solutions for high viscosity oils and poor water-shedding oils. The 858 systems are continuous-duty, off-line (kidney-loop) oil conditioning systems for oil reservoirs up to 3,600 gallons.






FC Fuel/Water Separation Systems

The Model FC systems are designed to protect diesel-driven equipment from the damaging effects of water and abrasive contaminants. The Kaydon Filtration Model FC systems combine particulate removal capabilities with Kaydon Filtration coalescing technology.  In areas such as mining, marine, emergency back-up power, agriculture, construction, or anywhere diesel fuel is stored, the FC systems industrial fuel tank recirculation and conditioning systems remove water and particulates from stored diesel fuel. 




KP Oil Filtration Systems

The KP oil filtration systems from Kaydon are rugged, heavy-duty industrial oil filtration system skids that provide an easy solution for off-line oil filtration service for the oil contained in lube oil reservoirs. Kaydon’s KP stationary oil filtration systems support long-term equipment operation by reducing the probability of oil-related failures or unscheduled maintenance due to contaminated oil.