New VURSA Series Lube Oil Conditioning System from Kaydon – Versatility in Oil Filtration Key to Compact System


Kaydon Custom Filtration Corp., LaGrange, Georgia, U.S.A., a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered filtration products for a wide array of industrial applications, has introduced the new VURSA Series of high-per- formance filtration systems to its prod- uct line. Rugged, lightweight and compact, innovative VURSA Series systems are engineered specifically for use in power generation, wind en- ergy, refining, petrochemical and other industrial facilities.

Designed to remove particulate matter and water from lubrication oil and hydraulic fluid reservoirs, VURSA Series systems can signifi- cantly extend the lifespan of expen- sive bearings and other metal com- ponents, according to the company. Water and particulates can reduce the effectiveness of costly lubricants, and can accelerate wear and tear on mechanical devices.

The VURSA is designed to accommo- date a variety of flows, voltages, filtra- tion requirements and installations. The self-contained VURSA Series systems employ Kaydon’s patented, pleated fil- ter media technology to remove greater amounts of contaminant matter than competing products, the company said. VURSA Series systems install quickly on the outflow line from lubrication oil reservoirs. Easy to service, these sys- tems can be swiftly isolated to facilitate filter changes and routine maintenance.

ings depending on the application, 3 micron, 6 micron and 13 micron. Water absorptive elements can also be added, extending the versatility of the system.

“This product was originally de- signed specifically for coal pulverizers’ lubrication in power plants, but any- where there is gear oil, motor oil, tur- bine oil in lower volumes, this product would be applicable,” explained Tim Mills, product engineer for Kaydon. “In fact, we’re calling it the LV/HV, low-volume, high-viscosity system. As far as filtration is concerned, we’re us- ing a micro fiberglass filter media rated for beta 1000 per the latest ISO multi pass testing protocol.”

VURSA Series systems are powered by 2 hp (1.5 kW) explosion-protected motors and equipped with 2 gpm (0.13 L/s) or 5 gpm (0.32 L/s) variable speed pumps. Vessels used on the systems have a 150 psi (10.35 bar) pressure rating and a 22 psi (1.5 bar) element bypass. Fluid compatibility includes mineral oils, gear oils, hy- draulic oils, turbine and lube oils and other nonsynthetics.

Mike Smith, vice president of sales for Kaydon, added, “We are the top technology manufacturers when it comes to liquid/liquid and particulate separation, whether it’s in fuel or oil, if it is diesel or if it is turbine oil or any number of different products, we’ve got a solution.” I