Kaydon Custom Filtration Announces the Rollout of their KayMax® Elements Product Line


Kaydon Custom Filtration Announces the Rollout of their KayMax® Elements Product Line

LaGrange, GA. July 24, 2013 – Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation (Kaydon Filtration), a leading provider in fuel treatment, lube and hydraulic oil conditioning, announces the rollout of the company’s KayMax® Elements product line. This extensive product line features KayMax High Efficiency Filters, which are a direct replacement for Pall Corporation®, Schroeder, Hy-Pro®, Donaldson®, and Hilco filters.

KayMax filters use an inert, fixed pore, impregnated fiber matrix media for maximum strength and increased dirt capacity. Our media represents the latest state-of-the-art construction technology. These high efficiency elements are integrated with upstream support layers and downstream drainage layers for pleat strength, geometric rigidity, and maximum dirt capacity for industry leading reliability. KayMax elements provide consistent performance from initial installation to their rated terminal pressure drop in accordance with stated ISO standards.

Kaydon Filtration makes it easy to replace your existing filters with KayMax filter elements. Simply click here to directly link to the site’s filter cross reference. This page allows you to enter up to five competitor part numbers and automatically generate the Kaydon filter part number and product description that fits your application. KayMax High Efficiency Filters offer resistance to severe operating conditions, reliable and consistent performance and lower maintenance costs, while extending service life. Available micron ratings are 1μm, 3μm, 6μm, 12μm, and 25μm.

For more than 70 years, Kaydon Filtration has been working to keep your lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and fuels clean, so that critical machinery stays in service. Pulp and paper, power generation, mining, oil and gas, heavy equipment and military applications are just a few of the markets we have protected. Regardless of the industry, our ongoing commitment to technological and engineering innovation, coupled with excellence in manufacturing and a dedication to producing quality solutions, continues to bring exceptional value to our customers.

Kaydon Filtration is continually working to improve and expand its product line. New additions to the KayMax offering are set to be released later this year. Click here to view our current selection.

Kaydon Corporation is a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered, performance-critical, custom products with a broad and diverse customer base. Our market leading, family of companies includes Purafil®, Inc., Cooper® Split- Roller Bearing Corporation, Industrial Tectonics Inc. (ITI), ACE Controls Inc., Kaydon® Corporation Inc., Bearings Division, Kaydon® Custom Filtration Corporation, Kaydon® Ring and Seal, Tridan® International, Inc., Canfield Technologies, Inc./Bow® Electronics, and Indiana Precision, Inc. Follow Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation on LinkedIn for new product news here.